Stone Crushing Equipment

Species have a variety of crushers, including jaw crusher, Impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, roller crusher and so on, each kind of model also has a lot of, so the price is different also, so the price is according to the user of the granularity of raw material, hardness, the requirements of the discharging granularity, the requirements of the production to choose the appropriate equipment, and then do the quotation.

Our company Stone Crushing Equipment production of mining machinery quality excellence, price competitive, of establishing a good reputation in the field of mining equipment. Companies don't break in technology innovation, to the needs of users is our development power. My company production of broken equipment, sand making equipment, sieving conveyor equipment are widely used in mining, metallurgy, electricity, highway, railway, water conservancy, building materials and other fields.

Stone Crushing Equipment Production Line

First, stone by feeder evenly send into coarse stone crusher machine for preliminary broken, and then to the coarse material by belt conveyor to impact crusher for further crushing, fine grinding after the stone into the vibrating sieve sieve out the stones with different size, did not meet the requirements of grain size of pebble returns into the impact crusher broken again. Large stone by the bunker by vibrating feeder evenly send into jaw crusher for primary crushing, after crushed stone by belt conveyor to impact crusher for further crushing; Finely by belt conveyor after the stone to the vibrating screen for screening, screening out several different specifications of stones, stones that could satisfy the requirement of particle size by heap finished belt conveyor to the finished product; Did not meet the requirements of particle size of gravel by belt conveyor returns to impact crusher broken again, forming closed-circuit circulation many times. Finished product granularity according to users' requirements in terms of composition and classification, to protect the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment.

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The application of Stone Crushing Equipment

In life there are all kinds of Stone Crushing Equipment, such as cone crusher, jaw crusher, trapezoidal crusher and so on, there is no denying that these are part of the crushing equipment, then you know what are the application of these crusher equipment? Need to apply in real life to have a lot of crusher equipment, crusher as its name implies is used for crushing some machines, such as a material to be broken into small materials, at this time are also can only to be broken. As mining industry at the time of development, if not broken, the size of the limestone also cannot be reasonable use, like some railway parts are also need to apply to the crushing equipment, can say if there is no broken equipment, so many industries can't normal. It should be said that many industries in daily life is need to apply to various kinds of crushing equipment. The chemical industry, railway industry, construction industry, highway industry, hydraulic industry and so on, these are all need to apply to this kind of equipment.

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