ykn vibrating screen

Shanghai Zenith YKN series vibrating screen vibrating screen in twenty years of experience in the design basis, combined with efficient circular vibrating sieve shaker international advanced manufacturing technology successfully developed high-intensity excitation force. YKN series circular vibrating screen with a series of block N eccentric exciter, intermediate transmission connection using a flexible connection, the device larger amplitude vibration stable, significantly improves the capacity and screening efficiency vibrating screen, vibrating screen to ensure that run more reliable and have a longer service life.

YKN Series Vibrating Screen Working Principle

This series of vibrating screen adopts eccentric as excitation source to drive round vibration sieve box as its working principle is: the screen box by elastic support in the base (or base), the eccentric block is mounted on the spindle, spindle bearings and bearing seat is mounted on the side screen box. V-belt drive motor through the middle of the shaft, intermediate drive shaft driven spindle, driven rotating eccentric spindle rotation, inertia force generated by the eccentric block to force the screen box vibrate. With the motor running continuously, shaker for approximately circular trajectory, continuous screening operations.

Advantages Of YKN Series Vibrating Screen

  • 1. Exciting strong and easy to adjust: exciter using an external eccentric structure, light weight, strong exciting force, by adjusting the number of eccentric, adjusting the amplitude and exciting force shaker.
  • 2. Equipment running smoothly: the motor drive shaft coupling device through belt and the middle, in the middle and then the drive shaft through a flexible coupling connection with the exciter, the entire device is no axial force transmitting drive torque, allowing the device to run more smoothly.
  • 3. Easy installation and maintenance: exciter directly fixed on the screen box side, between two exciter via a universal joint connection, easy installation and maintenance.
  • 4. Overall force more reasonable: exciter directly fixed on the screen box side, the force generated by the exciter side center and using finite element analysis techniques to optimize the calculation of the screen box, so that the whole screen box and side board situation by force more reasonable.
  • 5. Screen box strength: the screen box side holistic bent parts, side beams and cross brace between the use of ring groove rivet connection, the overall uniform force, great strength.

Model Screen Size(mm) Layers Mesh Size(mm) Feeding Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power (kw) D-Amplitude(mm) Angle(°)
2YKN2160 2100×6000 2 6~150 400 100~600 30 7~11 20
3YKN2160 2100×6000 3 6~150 400 100~600 37 7~11 20
4YKN2160 2100×6000 4 6~150 400 100~600 45 7~11 20
2YKN2460 2400×6000 2 6~150 400 150~850 30 7~11 20
3YKN2460 2400×6000 3 6~150 400 150~850 37 7~11 20
4YKN2460 2400×6000 4 6~150 400 150~850 45 7~11 20