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Y Series Mobile Cone Crushing Plant is becoming a lot more well-liked both in rock stone crushing and mineral ore crushing industry. The mobile cone crusher can process concrete, kerbstone, marble, paving slabs, bricks, tiles, blocks, stone, porcelain, flint, gravestones, etc, beneath any condition and meet the requirements from our prospects.

Introduction Of Y Series Mobile Cone Crushing Plant

Mobile cone crusher is also called secondary cone crusher and tyre mobile cone crusher, which adopts the latest mobile crushing technology to meet different crushing requirements of customers. It is mainly used for operations in highway, railway and hydropower projects. Users can choose a variety of configurations according to the type and scale of raw materials size or the requirements of finished materials.

Structural Composition Of Y Series Mobile Cone Crushing Plant

Mobile cone crusher mainly consists of solid frame, cone crusher, feeder , vibrating screen, conveyor belts, motors and control box.

mobile cone crusher

Technological Advantages Of Y Series Mobile Cone Crushing Plant

Mobile cone crusher is loaded with hydraulic cone crusher, which can produce 10~45mm materials with a hydraulic closed adjustment device. The adjusting device aims at adjusting the settings of crusher quickly and easily. Adjustment is carried out via the control box, which is ideal for the occasions when the parameter of discharging hole needs to be adjusted periodically.

Working Principle Of Y Series Mobile Cone Crushing Plant

Supplies are transported evenly by feeder into cone crusher, and it crushes them roughly. Then a closed system is formed via the circular vibrating screen to conduct recyclable crushing of your supplies. Just after that, the completed components are output by belt conveyor for continuous crushing operations. Cone Mobile Crusher can remove circular vibrating screen in line with actual production requirements as a way to accomplish preliminary crushing of your components. It truly is complete of convenience and flexibility when operating with other crushing equipment.

Model Car Body Vibrating Screen Crusher Belt Conveyor (standard configuration) Engine (Optional) Overall dimension (mm)
Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Model Feeding Size (mm) Size(m) Power (kw)
Y3S1848CS75 Two-Spindle 3YK1848 ≤400 4-18.5 36(3′) 6-75 B800×7.5 200 13050×2830×4350
Y3S1860CS160 Three-Spindle 3YK1860 ≤400 4-22 51(4.25′) 6-160/185 B800×8.5 500 14300×2830×4380
Y3S1860HP220 Three-Spindle 3YK1860 ≤400 4-22 HPC220 4-220 B800×8.5 550 14300×2830×4380
Y3S2160HP220 Three-Spindle 3YK2160 ≤400 4-30 HPC220 4-220 B1000×8.5 550 14300×3150×4380