mobile crusher

Y Series Mobile Combined Crushing Plant is developed by our company launched the series of new rock crushing equipment, greatly expanding the crushing, crushing operations in the field concept. Its aim is to design a customer's position, the elimination of crushing site, environment, basic configuration of complex barriers to customers crushing operations, as a primary solution. Real customers for simple, efficient and cost-effective operation of the project hardware.

Y Series Mobile Combined Crushing Plant Working Principle

Tire mobile crusher station master crushing equipment for the crusher (optional jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher), the material transported by the feeder evenly into the crusher, crusher was initially broken after the closed-circuit system constituted by a circular vibrating screen, crushing recycling materials meet the size requirements of the material from the conveyor output, so as to achieve the production goal. Mobile crushing station can also be based on actual production needs to be removed circular vibrating screen, and direct the material for preliminary crushing, and then with other crushing equipment for the specific operation, convenient and flexible.

Advantages Of Y Series Mobile Combined Crushing Plant

  • 1. the integration of the entire installation in the form of unit integration unit equipment, eliminating the complex field of infrastructure and support facilities to install sub-assembly operations, reducing material consumption hours. Reasonably compact unit space layout, optimized to maximize the facility configuration stationed at the venue space. Simple and compact layout of the facility, expanding the stacking of materials, transport space.
  • 2. mobility and flexible tire type series mobile crushing station car sites high, small turning radius and easy ordinary highway driving, easier travel in rugged field area broken poor road conditions. Entered the site for quick saves time. Stationed in the area is more conducive to a reasonable construction, for the whole crushing process provides a more flexible work space.
  • 3. reduce material transportation cost Tire series mobile crushing plant, capable of the material for the first line of the field broken, eliminating the material is transported from the scene and then crushing the middle part, which greatly reduces the cost of shipping materials. Another more extended set of broken material directly into specific transport conveyor belt.
  • 4. The role of direct and effective integration of operations tire series mobile crushing plant, can be used independently, but also can target customer process material type, product requirements and provide a more flexible process plan configuration to meet user mobile crushing, screening and other mobile kinds of requirements, the resulting organization, logistics and transport more direct and effective, to reduce costs to maximize.
  • 5. adaptable and flexible configuration of the tire type series mobile crushing station, providing customers with a simple, low-cost combination unit configuration features for coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system that can work independently Raiders single group can also be flexible component systems Configuring the unit joint operations. Hopper side out to provide a way for screening material handling variety of configuration flexibility, integration unit configuration in addition to diesel generators to power this unit, you can also configure the workflow system targeted to the joint power unit.
  • 6. reliable and convenient performance tire type series mobile crushing station maintenance, configuration of PE series, PF series, HP series crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent breaking product quality, reasonable structure design, lightweight, superior crushing performance. Reliable and stable quality assurance, to meet the widest range of coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening material requirements for the majority of new and old customers to establish a good reputation for quality, not just the technology is mature, easy operation and maintenance, but also for traffic, materials size and abrasiveness have good adaptability and security and reliability, easy installation and integration of the unit configuration reasonable maintenance. For the configuration of the unit has a high durability and higher working age.

Y Series Mobile Combined Crushing Plan
Model Quad-play Combined Modile Crushing Plant
Car Body Two-Spindle
Feeder Model GZD960×3800
Feeding Size(mm) 500
Power(kw) 6-11
Crusher 1 Model PE400×600
Feeding Size(mm) 350
Power(kw) 6-37
Crusher 2 Model CS75
Feeding Size(mm) 115
Power(kw) 55
Vibrating Screen Model 3YK1237
Feeding Size(mm) ≤200
Power(kw) 4-15
Belt Conveyor(standard configuration) Size(m) B500×14
Size(m) B650×6
Size(m) B650×9
Size(m) B500×4
Engine(optional) Power(kw) 200
Overall Dimension(mm) 15200×2900×4350