rod mill

Rod mill is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines and water, building materials sector grinding various ores or rocks. Is loaded by the cylinder body for grinding steel bar named after, rod mill is generally used wet overflow type, can be used as an open circuit grinding use, rod mill has dry and wet two types to choose users can be selected according to their actual situation.

Rod Mill Uses Roughly Three Ways

  • 1. tungsten and tin, and other metals ore re-election or magnetic separation plant, in order to prevent excessive harm caused by crushing, often using rod mill.
  • 2. when using the two-stage grinding process, if the first was from 20 to 6 mm wear to 3 to 1 mm, using rod mill for grinding equipment during the first segment, large production capacity, efficiency is higher. Because when a certain weight with the weight of the rod-charge ratio of the surface area of the ball bearing is much smaller, so for the second stage fine grinding, rod mill is lower than the productivity and efficiency of milling.
  • 3. and in some cases can replace the short head cone crusher for crushing. When dealing with relatively soft or too hard minerals (especially sticky ore), with a rod mill will be 19-25 mm (or 32 mm) of ore grinding to 6-10 mesh when compared with the short head cone crushing machine and the screen configuration to a closed-circuit is simple, low cost, and can make dust simplified broken Kuang workshop. For hard ore, with a short head cone crusher with a sieve into a closed approach may be more economical. In the election or selection of study design rod mill, a ball mill must develop programs to compare the specific circumstances can be determined. Rod mill is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines and water conservancy. Building materials sector grinding various ore or rock. Rod mill reduction drive from the motor through a gear reducer and surrounding large or large gear reducer directly through the surrounding low-speed synchronous motor drive, the drive cylinder rotation. Cylinder body with proper grinding media - Bars. Grinding media in the role of the centrifugal force and friction, has been elevated to a certain height, was thrown down or drain off the state down. Was milled material from the mine into the cylinder inside the mouth continuously, movement was crushed grinding media, and through the overflow and continuous power to the mining of the product from the plane to the next step for some jobs.

Rod Mill Advantages

  • 1. Energy: The machine is characterized by the grinding process, the grinding media line contact with the ore, which has a certain selective grinding effect. The old type of equipment than before saving more than 41%, to reduce costs.
  • 2. Efficient: This type of rod mill discharge size is more uniform and less over crushed ore particles, higher yields.
  • 3. Convenient: built fineness control device, you can change the size of the material by a simple adjustment that can be installed when the material screening device, can guarantee neither wear nor produced a mix of finished products will fail.
Model Barrel size(mm) Effective volume (m3) Bar weight(T) Rotating speed(r/min) Power(KW) Discharge size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Weight(T)
MB0924 Ф900×2400   3.1 29 22 2.5-0.2 2.9-10 6.6
MB1224 Ф1200×2400   6.5 27 37 2.5-0.2 5-13 13.5
MB1530 Ф1500×3000 5 8 23 75 2.5-0.2 5.5-12 16.71
MB1830 Ф1800×3000 6.5 17 22.8 130 2.5-0.2 9.5-20 29.8
MB2136 Ф2100×3600 11 28 20.9 210 2.5-0.2 14.8-35 49.4
MB2436 Ф2400×3600 14.6 37 19 280 2.5-0.2 26-55 61
MB2740 Ф2700×4000 20.5 47 17.5 400 5-0.8 50-165 84.3
MB3040 Ф3000×4000 25.9 50 16.2 500 5-0.8 62-206 130
MB3245 Ф3200×4500 33 56 15.5 630 5-0.8 70-228 138
MB3654 Ф3600×5400 55 94 14.5 1000 5-0.8 103-340 192