coal mill

Coal mill process is broken and the surface area of coal is growing process. To add a new surface area, must be overcome binding force between solid molecules, therefore, requires the consumption of energy. Coal grinding mill is made from coal, mainly through crushing, crushing and pulverization in three ways. Crushing process in which the energy consumption of the province. Pulverization process the most expensive energy. Various mill in the milling process are both above-mentioned two or three ways, but mainly it depends on what type of mill may be. Many mill of the type, speed massage coal working parts can be divided into three types, namely low-speed mill, medium-speed and high-speed pulverizer mill Classification

Coal Mill Maintenance

Maintenance must be done every day, so as not to be a big problem in the future, to adhere to regular maintenance work, after each stop, to check for loose bolts mechanical ministries, must loose robust visual check before and after the host bearing lubrication chamber oil, and recharge time, the axial bearing cap room to inject oil nozzle injection lithium-based lubricants.

Structural Characteristics Of Coal Mill

Ball from the feeding part, discharging part, turning part and driving part (reducer, small transmission gear, motors, electrical control) and other major components. Cast steel hollow shaft, lined with removable, rotary gear hobbing by casting process, the body inlaid cylinder liner wear, has good abrasion resistance. The machine running smoothly, work reliably. According to the materials and methods of discharge, optional dry ball mill and wet lattice-type ball mill.

Coal Mill's Maintenance Work To Be Done

  • 1. Bearing lubrication bearing chamber before checking the host, such as oil fouling, to clean, to update the grease, see its bearing wear conditions, to see if it needs to be replaced.
  • 2. Check and external bolt and strong
  • 3. Open the computer and check the wear condition hammer coal strike, if a serious need to be updated with new parts.
  • 4. Check the liner and the body crushed parts of the ministries bolts loose, loose to be strong, to be replaced with new liner badly worn parts.
  • 5. Check the fan blades, bolts, loose leaves is badly worn, if loosening should be strong or replace. Internal
  • 6. Check the furnace to remove deposits, repair the lining.
Model specification (m) Capacity (t/h) Rotating speed
Transmission type Motor Reducer Weight(t)
Remark Model Power
Model Reduction ratio
φ2.2×3 5-6 22 Edge YR355M-8 185 ZD50 5 37  
φ2.2×4.4 8-9 22 Edge YR355M-6 220 ZDH50 6.3 46  
φ2.4×4.75 14 20.4 Edge YR400-8 280 ZD60 4.5 54  
φ2.4×4+2 10-12 20.2 Edge YRKK450-8 250 ZDY35580 4.5 59  
φ2.4×4.5+2 16-17 20.4 Edge YR4005-8 280 JDX-450 4.5 76  
φ2.6×4.8+2 9-10 20 Edge YRKK5002-8 400 RZD75 4.5 91  
φ2.6×5.25+2.25 13-14 19.7 Edge YRKK500-8 400 ZDY400-4.5-11 4.5 98  
φ2.8×5+3 8-10 18.9 Edge JRQ1512-10 480 MCD-70 3.55 107  
φ3×9 18-20 18.3 Edge YBKK5560-8 630 MBY560 5 124  
φ3.2×9.5 28 17 Edge YR800-8/1180 800 NFM710 6.3 140  
φ3.4×5.25+2.8 30 17.47 Edge YRKK-56-6 900 JDX-800 7.157 169 Exclude main transmission
φ3.8×7.25+3.5 41-43 16.7 Edge YR630-8 1400 MBY800 5.6 220