BWZ series of heavy plate feeder is my summary of the basis for many years engaged in transportation equipment design, manufacturing, service experience over a wide range of modern learn and apply advanced technology independently developed new and efficient transportation equipment. The equipment is mainly used with a certain pressure silo and hopper compartment below, even a short distance, continuously fed to a variety of large density of various materials crushing, screening and transport equipment, especially for crushing the material feeding and short-distance transport.

4.9 (756 Ratings)

Working Principle Of BWZ Heavy Duty Apron Feeder

Working principle apron feeder is: power motor and reducer coupling through the drive chain wheel rotation, meshing through sprocket and chain, drag chain plates do continuous linear motion. Chain plate by the support and care sprocket wheel mounted on the support frame, and engage correct it by adjusting the tensioning device chain and sprocket, aim to complete delivery of materials.

BWZ Heavy Duty Apron Feeder Advantages

  • 1. Equipment strength: device uses standard tanks, chain drive, high strength, Rally, without lubrication, the error is small, long-life use without maintenance; carrier material plate with steel plates welded together, strength, use a long time.
  • 2. Installation and maintenance simple: using a vertical cross-reducer, floating suspension installation, maintenance is convenient; such as spindle and sprocket connected using expansion sets keyless connection, not only strength, but also disassembly is simple, easy maintenance.
  • 3. Stable: the use of variable frequency motor drive, easy to operate and control, start-up and adjustment is more stable, uniform and accurate feeding, feeding speed and the host automatically linked back to the material, to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the follow-up device capacity; tensioning device buffer design, reduce equipment vibration and shock.
  • 4. Wide range of applications: large feed size, can be installed directly in the raw materials warehouse, the warehouse can withstand greater pressure; material particle size composition, temperature, viscosity, frost, snow or ice knot less affected by the material, environmental adaptability can run in harsh environmental conditions.

BWZ Apron Feeder To Create Higher Value For Customers

BWZ apron feeder to achieve a uniform feed jaw broken machine, the use of variable frequency motor drive, easy to control; using a vertical cross-reducer, floating suspension installation, maintenance and convenient. Material apron feeder operation varies material composition can be adjusted, temperature, viscosity, frost, snow or ice junction effects have greater flexibility, in relatively harsh environments will not affect the normal production efficiency. Etc. are used to connect the spindle and sprocket keyless connection, strength, easy accessibility, reducing the time customers later maintenance costs for material crushing production line to create a stable economic benefits.

BWZ Series Heavy Duty Apron Feeder
MODEL Width(mm) Wheel Base(mm) Max. Feed Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kW)
BWZ1250×6 1250 6000 650 150 15
BWZ1400×8 1400 8000 750 250 18.5
BWZ1600×9 1600 9000 900 350 30
BWZ1800×9 1800 9000 1050 500 37
BWZ2000×10 2000 10000 1100 680 45
BWZ2200×10 2200 10000 1250 800 55
BWZ2400×12 2400 12000 1600 1000 2×55