cone crusher

HST cone crusher is the summary of our company for many years engaged in basic design, production, sales and service experience in the crushing industry, combined with the development of modern industrial technology, extensively absorb the United States, Germany and other advanced crusher technology, and independent research and the design of new and efficient crusher. HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher set of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, intelligent control technology, and represents the world's most advanced crusher technology, has the advantage of a number of traditional crusher incomparable, high crushing efficiency, production costs low maintenance easy adjustment, excellent product broken grain type, can be widely used in crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing and other operations. Can be widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, cement, sand, metallurgy and other industries, suitable for medium crushing crushing, such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, river gravel and other minerals and rocks. Adapt to the environment temperature: -25 ~ 40 ℃.

HST Cone Crusher Working Principle

HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of the upper body, the frame body (broken type), the next frame body, moving cone Department, Ministry of eccentric, Drives, hydraulic cylinder and other components, electric motor driven by the horizontal axis, the horizontal axis of rotation through the gear driven eccentric, then led by the eccentric dynamic cone ministry circular swing, enabling continuous extrusion broken stones.
By adjusting the dynamic cone at the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder can move up and down movement of the cone so as to facilitate the adjustment of the size of the port of discharge, and easily adjust the product particle size. At the same time the hydraulic cylinders are also available through the iron protection function, when there are not broken objects (such as iron) into the crushing chamber, the hydraulic cylinder can automatically make the moving cone fall, releasing iron, continued fragmentation and protect the crusher.

cone crusher

HST Cone Crusher Features

  • 1. The large capacity, high efficiency Reasonably eccentricity, and motion parameters with the cavity, greatly improving productivity and efficiency.
  • 2. Product grain shape is good Crushing chamber type with laminated crushing principle, not only to improve the yield and crushing efficiency, but also improve the product grain type, cubic shape.
  • 3. Control the adjustment easy and accurate Automatic control system provides manual control, constant discharge opening multiple operating mode control, constant power control for users to choose.Continuous monitoring of the actual load inside the crusher to optimize the utilization of the crusher, crusher at all times be able to play its best performance.Can automatically monitor, display various operating parameters, real-time understanding of the operation of the crusher.
  • 4. The special bearing design, carrying capacity stronger, longer life Bearing using a special wedge design, the rotary power shaft into a film pressure, which hold the shaft to make it operate in a dynamic lubrication, the contact surface between the shaft and the bearing lubricant film formation of a stable, avoiding the shaft and bearing direct frictional contact, reducing heat, extending bearing life. Special bearing materials, carrying capacity, strong anti-adhesion, has a strong ability to adapt to the harsh working conditions, improve equipment reliability of operation.
  • 5. Enhance the body design, high reliability   Reinforced frame structure design; key parts of NDT inspection, so the higher the overall strength of the body, improve equipment reliability of operation and prolong the life of the machine.
  • 6. stable operation, easy maintenance

Model Cavities Maximum feeding size(mm) Minimum discharging size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Maximum install power(kw)
HST100 S1(Extra Coarse) 240 22 85-170 90
S2(Medium Coarse) 200 19 70-130
H1(Fine) 135 10 45-130
H2(Medium Fine) 65 8 35-80
H3(Extra Fine) 38 4 27-60
HST160 S1(Extra Coarse) 360 25 120-345 160
S2(Medium Coarse) 300 22 105-305
S3(Coarse) 235 19 90-275
H1(Fine) 185 13 66-210
H2(Medium Fine) 90 10 65-165
H3(Extra Fine) 50 6 48-105
HST250 S1(Extra Coarse) 450 35 255-605 250
S2(Medium Coarse) 400 29 215-515
S3(Coarse) 300 25 190-490
H1(Fine) 215 16 110-395
H2(Medium Fine) 110 13 115-340
H3(Extra Fine) 70 8 90-255
HST315 S1(Extra Coarse) 560 41 335-1050 315
S2(Medium Coarse) 500 38 305-895
H1(Fine) 275 16 170-665
H2(Medium Fine) 135 16 190-505
H3(Extra Fine) 65 13 205-320
HST520 H1(Fine) 300 22 430-1515 520
H2(Medium Fine) 155 19 380-1375
H3(Extra Fine) 80 10 270-775
HST750 H1(Fine) 370 25 460-2130 750
H2(Medium Fine) 195 22 525-1605
H3(Extra Fine) 85 10 350-885