cone crusher

HPT series of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a summary of our company for many years engaged in the design, production, sales and service experience crushing industry, based on the combination of the development of modern industrial technology, extensively absorb the United States, Germany and other advanced technology research and development and crusher design of new and efficient crusher. HPT series of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher set of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation technology, and represents the world's most advanced crusher technology, has the advantage of a number of traditional crusher incomparable, high crushing efficiency, low production costs, easy maintenance adjustments, broken product excellent grain type, can be widely used in crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing and other operations, mining construction industry today instead of the spring cone crusher and general hydraulic cone crusher latest generation of products.

HPT Cone Crusher Working principle

HPT series of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher to tighten the rack support cover safety device by the Department of Insurance cylinder holding devices fixed nesting population size, by accumulator cylinder connected with insurance provided through the iron protection, when there can not be broken objects (such as iron) into the crushing chamber, the insurance cylinder hydraulic oil is pressed into the accumulator allows support set to rise, thereby increasing the discharge mouth provisional release of iron to protect the crusher, when there are objects card not through the crushing chamber can have a reverse push the support sleeve cylinders insurance increased functionality in order to achieve clearance. Promote the adjustment of the support sleeve is located by the hydraulic adjustment device (hydraulic motor) rotating ring rolling acetabular wall can also make the next movement in order to facilitate the adjustment of the size of the port of discharge, changes in product size.

cone crusher

HPT Cone Crusher Features

  • 1. high crushing ratio and production efficiency;
  • 2. the vulnerability of small, low consumption and operating costs;
  • 3. between the material layer compression crushing, finished better grain type;
  • 4. Hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity clearing, high degree of automation, reducing production downtime and maintenance time;
  • 5. lubrication and prolong life;
  • 6. various crushing cavity;
  • 7. easy to maintain and operate;
  • 8. The crusher can provide customers with greater capacity, better product shape, easy to operate.

HPT Cone Crusher Structure And Applications

HPT series of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher mainly consists of a frame section, Department of support sets, adjusting ring, moving cone Department, Ministry of eccentric, Drives and insurance device part of the seven components, fixed spindle, motor driven drive shaft rotates, drive shaft gear driven by eccentric rotation around the spindle, then led by the eccentric Ministry eccentrically moving cone swings in a circle, in order to achieve continuous extrusion broken stones. Can be widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, cement, sand, metallurgy and other industries, suitable for medium crushing crushing compression strength less than 300MPa following kinds of ores and rocks, such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebbles and so on.

Model Cavity Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Maximum Installed Power(kw)
HPT100 C1(Extra Coarse) 140


50-140 90
C2(Coarse) 100 13
M(Medium) 70 9
F1(Fine) 50 9
F2(Extra Fine) 20 6
HPT200 C2(Coarse) 185 19 90-250 160
M(Medium) 125 16
F1(Fine) 95 13
F2(Extra Fine) 75 10
HPT300 C1(Extra Coarse) 230 25 110-440 250
C2(Coarse) 210 19
M(Medium) 150 16
F1(Fine) 105 13
F2(Extra Fine) 80 10
HPT400 C1(Extra Coarse) 295 30 135-630 315
C2(Coarse) 251 25
M(Medium) 196 20
F1(Fine) 110 13
F2(Extra Fine) 90 10
HPT500 C1(Extra Coarse) 330 38 220-790 400
C2(Coarse) 290 30
M(Medium) 210 22
F1(Fine) 135 16
F2(Extra Fine) 95 13
HPT800 C1(Extra Coarse) 350 38 310-1200 630

C2(Coarse) 299 32
M(Medium) 265 25
F1(Fine) 220 16
F2(Extra Fine) 150 13