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The amount of construction waste crusher from urban construction has increased. The disposal of construction wastes generally uses landfills. In addition to the large number of concession yards and occupation of valuable land resources, there are negative factors such as energy consumption and pollution. Therefore, how to make use of social and technical issues that are both imminent and require long-term considerations. After the construction waste is crushed, the waste can be sorted, removed or crushed. Most of the waste can be reused as renewable resources, such as scrap steel, scrap iron wire, scrap wire and all kinds of scrap metal, etc., after being sorted, concentrated, and returned to the furnace. After that, it can be processed into various specifications of steel; waste bamboo can be used to make artificial wood; bricks, stones, concrete and other waste after crushing, can replace sand, used for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, playing Concrete cushions, etc., can also be used to make building materials such as blocks, paving tiles, and flower tiles.

Fixed Construction Waste Crusher

The fixed construction waste crusher appeared early in the market, and the market acceptance was very high. Of course, this was related to the excellent performance of the fixed construction waste crusher, high production efficiency, and good product quality. Fixed construction waste crusher was approved by the public through years of hard work. The sand produced and processed by the machine has passed the test of time and the quality is reassuring.

Can the production of construction waste crusher be improved?

In general, the hourly output of the construction waste crusher is basically fixed along with the determination of its parameters. However, from the introduction of the above parameters, it can be introduced that there is no specific fixed output for each type of equipment, general reasonable operation and routine maintenance It will also help increase the output of the equipment.

construction waste crusher

  1. 1. Feed control: The hardness, viscosity and humidity of the material should be controlled within a reasonable range. The diameter of the feed material should be determined according to the equipment parameters, so as to keep the material flowing smoothly and feed uniformly, and keep the equipment running stably.
  2. 2. Reasonable operation: The normal operation must be correct. The operator must undergo professional technical training and maintain the correct operation, thus ensuring the efficient and stable operation of the equipment.
  3. 3. Routine maintenance: The daily equipment maintenance work should be in place. The correct maintenance method will help the equipment to run more efficiently and stably, and help increase the output of the equipment and prolong its service life.

construction waste crusher

High quality sand making of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher to achieve the high demand of sand and gravel industry, to achieve a variety of different user needs, the material setting adjustment of the material outlet setting, can be adjusted in advance according to the user's materials, so that after 1000tph jaw crusher processing The gravel material has zero impurity both in the size of the finished product and in the finished material. The granularity is even and orderly. Compared with the finished material after processing by other sand making equipment, the high quality sand making by the E type stone breaker is well-known. To solve the gravel industry's urgently needed high-quality sand raw materials.

High yield of construction waste crusher

In industrial production, many places need to use different particle sizes of material particles, so many users need to configure many types of crushing machinery equipment in production, so as to meet the production, but once this may bring some investment to the user. The cost is too large, so it shouldn't be annoying to some users; however, this high-capacity construction waste crusher can help the user to meet the needs of the user. The discharge port design can help the user to follow the actual production situation in production. The equipment is commissioned so that the finished product particle size after processing by the construction waste crusher can meet the user's ideal requirements. Therefore, the user only needs to select a construction waste crusher line, which can meet the needs of various enterprises.

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